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That's $1000-$1500 off the regular cost of
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To see a full description of and syllabus for my "Turning Service Into Sales" session, and more, go here and click on button that says "Sessions for Child Nutrition Employees." 


A new subscription to Menu Magic (our one-of-a-kind Menu Design and Public Realtions service) is just $199 for the school year.  So when you subscribe to Menu Magic AND book training, the total cost is $2694 for both! 
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I'm John Bennett and, believe it or not, I don’t spend ALL my time designing Menu Magic for the hundreds of districts across the U.S. that use our famous menu design, posting, and public relations service.


In the summer months, I stay busy by providing America's premiere customer service training for front-line child nutrition employees. Over the last 25 years, I've conducted employee customer service workshops for hundreds of districts in nearly every state (see a list of recent training customers here) -- most recently appearing as featured speaker over the last three summers at 22 back-to-school training sessions in Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Minnesota, Montana, Washington, California, Georgia, Utah, and New York, as well as the keynote speaker at the Massachusetts SNA conference in February 2017.

I don't need to tell you that the best marketing and PR in the world can't overcome poor customer service habits by front-line employees. And even your best customer service people can stand a little renewed inspiration from time to time.


Need a testimonial?


Last summer, I provided training for a number of districts in upstate New York, organized by Warren Bushart, Director of Newark (NY) CSD.  After my workshop, Warren wrote to tell me that his employees loved the session because it provided, as they told him, “just the right mix of humor and serious information” and for helping them identify “good strategies we will definitely use in our cafeterias.”    Warren himself added, “I tell my people these things all the time, but hearing it from a real school meals marketing expert makes it so much more real for them.  I would recommend any child nutrition program use your training service.”


And here’s what a recent training customer, Nutrition Director of a district in Oklahoma, wrote to me in an email after my recent presentations to her people:

“I have worked in Child Nutrition for 33 years and I feel John's presentation was the best I have ever attended. My staff and I want him to come back as soon as possible. I have not heard a negative comment from any employee. They all found the information presented useful and the presentation engaging. Thanks so much, John -- I feel you made positive difference in our program this year.”– Pat Meadows, Jenks Public Schools, Oklahoma


Imagine that – UNBRIDLED POSITIVITY from your employees about an in-service training!  And I guarantee that you’ll get the same reaction!  Indeed, the Director quoted above had me return the following summer for follow-up training and more fun and inspiration. To find out more about all three of the nationally-recognized seminars that I've created during nearly two decades of working with front line school food service employees, go here and click on button that says "Sessions for Child Nutrition Employees."


Next Summer, I only plan to do a maximum of just 5-10 summer training dates, so if you want to get the date of your choice, get back to me right away so I can get you on my summer training calendar. I will be happy to hold a date or range of dates for you with no obligation, even if your interest is tentative.


Once I get a date in your area, I'll extend the offer to other districts within driving distance, so I can stay in the same region and we can keep travel expenses to a minimum.  The important thing is to stake your claim now on the summer date that you want!


I look forward to seeing you again (or meeting you for the first time, as the case may be) and working with you and your employees soon!





John Bennett
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