Sessions for Employees

Turning Service Into Sales
Finding Your Place in the School Meals Marketing Picture

  • Suggested Audience: Managers, Employees, Office Staff, Directors
  • Session Length: Flexible -- up to 3.5 hours of teaching time (not including breaks) as a full- or partial-day workshop for employees
  • Formal course syllabus you can submit for training credits available here
  • Flyer to promote session with employees here

Session Description:

Cafeteria Employees can do more to increase sales than anyone else. But too often "marketing" is just a word to these key people, who may not understand exactly how they fit into the marketing picture. This session will help. Employees will learn to see themselves and their jobs from new and exciting perspectives. They'll learn about the importance of consciously motivating customers to choose their products. And they'll learn how to effectively communicate with fellow employees, administrators, and customers to ensure everyone's support for the School Meals programs. 

I developed the first version of this session in 1992, and have since presented it more than 250 times in over 30 states, constantly editing it, adding to it, and refining it as I've gone along. This workshop is designed specifically for your managers and employees, so they can look forward to lots of group activities, hands-on examples, audience participation, and fun and games. They'll even win prizes!   

Each and every employee's individual abilities and contributions really do turn service into sales, and this session will truly fire your people up for the challenges that lie ahead!

Featuring a special appearance by Tom Jones!

Well, OK, not the Tom Jones, but I do a crowd-pleasing imitation of the old-school crooner (among others) as part of "Turning Service Into Sales." That's an example of the comedy and good times that help disguise the fact that your people are learning to see and think in completely new ways during the course of this presentation. This is definitely not your typical, boring in-service. Employees will be talking about this experience and using what they learn for a long time . . . and they'll also be thanking you for the best training you've ever provided for them!