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Menu Magic isn’t simply America’s ONLY fully-customizable menu design and clipart service created each month especially for busy child nutrition professionals.  We also print full-color menus at prices that you won’t believe!  

Business experts say you should spend 5% of your total budget on marketing – why not put a fraction of that money into maximizing the impact of the best marketing tool you possess – YOUR MENU.

These pricing illustrations (your actual price may be even lower) are for a single menu per month and do not include shipping, but we can also give similar pricing on multiple different menus, and, if you like, count out menus for individual schools and ship them directly to the schools, for an additional charge.  We can even design your menu completely from scratch each month (learn more here).  We can print your existing menu or one you create with Menu Magic. 

Generally, we print for districts that require at least 5,000 copies of a single menu, or 10,000 combined copies of different menus.  We can print smaller quantities, but we have to do that here rather than send the job to an offset printer, and so the cost tends to be much higher -- in the neighborhood of 50 cents for each two-sided menu. 

Please go here to request a no-obligation customized quote for printing your menus in brilliant full-color.

When we print your menus you also get loads of free extras, including:

  • FREE subscription to Menu Magic
  • FREE expert “tweaking” of your menu designs
  • FREE .pdf files for your web site
  • OR we’ll even post them for you for FREE on our dedicated menu posting site, 

Go here for a description of how the menu printing process will work