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Want to turn the entire creative process over to us?  With our Total Menu Creation Service all you have to do is email us your menu items and we'll do all the design, and then send it back to you for revisions and approval.  We'll even custom-create completely new art for you whenever you need it. 

When the menu is done to your satisfaction, we send it back to you in .pdf format so you can print and post it, or we'll post it for you for free.  We'll also tag your menu for ADA compliance, if that's something you're required to do.

As a general rule of thumb, the cost is $250 per month for the first menu (and your Menu Magic subscription is free), and $250/month for each substantially different menu beyond the first.  If only a name or a minor details changes, there's no extra charge for additional menus.  

If we print your menus as well, we'll reduce your design cost to $150 per month/menu.  

Please call or email us at to learn more and to get a quote for this service.